16/11/23 Meet the Maker!

20/2/23 Doesn’t time fly?! Wirksworth Farmers’ Market, 4th March.

We’ve spent the winter with our heads down, fulfilling orders, finding new suppliers and improving our processes – including working on being able to produce our tiles with a single firing rather than two (for obvious reasons!!) We’re nearly there! We’re also going to be at the monthly Wirksworth Farmers’ Market on Saturday 4th March – hope to see you there!

13/9/22 Thanks to everyone who visited us at the weekend!

Thanks to everyone who came to Wirksworth for the Festival at the weekend. Great to see so many people around town and especially in the workshop 🙂 We really enjoyed talking tiles to everyone and hearing your comments. It’s always great to meet visitors and get such positive feedback!

Wirksworth Festival Art & Architecture Trail September 10th – 11th 2022

Display boards coming together for the Festival in a week’s time…

8/8/22 Apologies for not being at the last couple of Wirksworth Farmers’ Markets!

We were on holiday and are now really busy keeping on top of orders and working full steam ahead to get ready for the Wirksworth Festival Art Trail on the weekend of September 10th – 11th, where we’ll be exhibiting in our workshop at Haarlem Artspace.

We’ve also been developing a richly colourful range of new glazes, which has taken a lot of time and effort, as well as switching to a whiter clay that enhances the colours even more. All these changes need lots of experimentation and testing!

We’ll be keeping our old glaze range too, which could be described as having a more “modern” look. Different applications (and tastes) call for different glaze formulations.

6/5/22 Tomorrow (Saturday) we’ll be at the Wirksworth Farmers’ Market again.

Turquoise hexes, approx 70mm side to side.

18/3/22 We feature in the Spring 2022 edition of Community Fayre!

https://www.flipsnack.com/6CDA89EEFB5/cf-a4-197-flipbook.html (Front and Page 11)

6/3/22 Yesterday we were at the March Wirksworth Farmers’ Market.

Had great feedback, including “the best tiles I’ve ever seen” – thanks to everyone who stopped to let us have their enthusiastic comments!

Sunny at the market!

1/1/22 We started moving in to Haarlem Mill today.

Should be up and running by Tuesday!

21/12/21 We’re moving in to Haarlem Mill!

We’re very excited about signing an agreement to move in to Haarlem Mill, Wirksworth, where red tape was originally manufactured for government documents! This gives us room to expand a little so that we spend less time moving things around before we can start the next job!

27/11/21 See us at Wirksworth Farmers’ (Christmas) Market next weekend (Saturday 4th December)

Picture taken and added after the event.

We’ll be located outside Jack’s new barbershop. We’ll be showing some new bigger tiles and interesting designs that we’ve started making over the last few weeks. Hope to see you there!

29/9/21 Our first stall at Wirksworth Farmers’ Market on Saturday 2nd October

Picture taken and added after the event.

Our first stall. We’re very excited and will have lots of interesting tiles on display!

20/09/21 We have a small display of border tiles in Seymour Interiors, Coldwell Street, Wirksworth.